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Vegetable granules for cichlids.

Vegetable granules for feeding cichlids from lakes Malawi and Tanganika. Many of the colorful East African cichlids feed primarily on algae and the microorganisms that live within them.
Sera granugreen contains a high percentage of spirulina, rich in carotene, and brine shrimp, thus favoring the splendid color of these magnificent ornamental fish.

Ornamental fish that live in the middle layers of the water have a curved dorsal and belly line and a relatively straight and terminal mouth. For them, sera pellet food is the perfect base. It sinks slowly and softens quickly but maintains its solid consistency for a long time. sera pellet food is the ideal food for these ornamental fish.

- vitamin A, B1, B2, C, D3 and E.

- Raw protein: 35.0%
- Raw fat: 5.1%
- Raw fibers: 5.8%

ADVICE ON THE MOST SUITABLE FOOD FOR FISH Mascota Planet wants to go further than any pet store that sells fish food and therefore gives you some advice that we hope will be practical when choosing the best food for your fish: Fish food fish Due to the growing demand for aquariums and fish in the home, I have improved and increased the number of food / fish food that we can find in pet stores. In specialized pet stores we will mainly find food/dry food for fish, although frozen food/food is becoming more and more fashionable and freeze-dried for fish , even though they are harder to find and more expensive. Dry fish food : This is the most widely used type of fish food, due to its ease of availability and because it practically meets all the nutritional needs of fish. Within the dry food for fish we can distinguish: flakes, granules, lumps and tablets. Before selecting a food, keep in mind if your fish are from cold or hot water, since there is a type of food for each of these fish. There are live foods for fish, this type of fish food is difficult to find or acquire, such as Artemia salada,  Cyclops, Daphnia, Drosophila, Mealworms, Earthworms (in fishing stores), etc. Finally, to mention homemade food for fish, we have non-vegetable food for fish: The most normal are mussels, prawns, prawns, clams, etc. Cook them until they open. They can be frozen and thawed depending on what is needed. And to vegetable food for fish: the most common is lettuce, chard, etc. Normally easy to ingest, but salways something boiled to eliminate toxins. All the advice given is generic, therefore we advise you to get information based on the species of fish, since it can change substantially.


Main ingredients

fish meal, corn starch, wheat gluten, wheat flour, wheat germ (7.2%), brewer's yeast, fish oil, parsley, spirulina (1.6%), nettle, herbs, alfalfa , seaweed, paprika, spinach, carrot, powdered green-lipped mussel, garlic.


-Proteins 40.6% -Fats 8.9% -Fibers 3.6% -Ashes 4.8% -Moisture 5%

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