SPECIFIC CDF Crystal Prevention

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SPECIFIC FCD Crystal Prevention
  • SPECIFIC FCD Crystal Prevention

SPECIFIC CDF Crystal Prevention

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SPECIFIC CDF Crystal Prevention

-Prevention of struvite urolithiasis.
-Daily diet for adult cats up to 8 years of age.
-Malabsorption and maldigestion.

Properties and functions of its composition.

-The diet has a reduced content of magnesium and phosphorus (components of struvite crystals) for the prevention of recurrence of struvite crystals and stones.
-It is a balanced diet with highly digestible ingredients that provides the adult cat with all the necessary nutrients for a healthy life.
-The high quality and digestibility of the ingredients ensures maximum absorption of nutrients from the diet, while faecal elimination is reduced.
-FCD: EPA and DHA are omega-3 fatty acids. The content of these fatty acids in SPECIFIC FCD Struvite Management has a beneficial effect on maintaining the health of the skin, hair and joints.

Additional Information.

-By dividing the daily ration of SPECIFIC FCD Struvite Management into 3 or 4 meals, any postprandial increase in urinary pH is minimized.
-Struvite urolithiasis is only one of the types of urolithiasis that can occur in cats. Identification of the type of urolith present in an affected patient is essential, as different types of uroliths require different dietary strategies.
-SPECIFIC FCD Struvite Management is a very easily digestible diet that can be recommended for problems of the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, it is recommended that the daily ration be divided into several small meals.
-The composition and high energy content of SPECIFIC FCD Struvite Management also make it a suitable diet for healthy adult cats with slightly increased energy needs.

Not recommended for:

-Urolithiasis due to calcium oxalate, ammonium urate or cystine.
-Simultaneous administration of urinary acidifiers.
-Kittens under 6 months and pregnant or lactating cats.
-Metabolic and renal acidosis.
-Obesity. In obese cats with a tendency to develop struvite urolithiasis, feeding SPECIFIC FXD Adult or SPECIFIC FRD Weight Reduction is recommended.

SPECIFIC CDF ingredients.

Corn protein, wheat, animal fat, fish meal, egg, corn, rice, potato protein, sugar, minerals, whey powder, hydrolyzed protein powder, Plantago psyllium husk, taurine, sunflower oil. Contains no synthetic colors or flavorings
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SPECIFIC CDF Crystal Prevention

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