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Specific Kidney Support FKD

Product subject to availability, shipping 48/72h

Specific Kidney Support FKD
  • Specific Kidney Support FKD

Specific Kidney Support FKD

Product subject to availability, shipping 48/72h


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Specific Kidney Support FKD


-Chronic renal insufficiency.
-Hepatic insufficiency (except in patients with cholestasis).
-Congestive heart failure, hypertension, edema.
-Urolithiasis due to urate, oxalate or cystine.

Properties and functions of its composition.

-The restricted content of phosphorus is essential to prevent hyperphosphatemia and to delay the progression of renal failure.
-EPA and DHA are omega-3 fatty acids that help slow the progression of kidney failure. In cats with heart disease, EPA and DHA counteract cachexia and reduce hypertension and platelet aggregation. The fish oil content, and therefore the level of EPA and DHA, is exceptionally high in SPECIFIC FKD Kidney Support.
-The low protein content, but of high biological value, reduces azotemia in cats with kidney failure. In case of liver failure, it reduces the probability of hyperammonemia and possible hepatic encephalopathy.
The high biological value of protein provides the cat with a sufficient supply of essential amino acids.
-In congestive heart failure, sodium excretion is reduced as part of the compensatory response to reduced cardiac output and consequently sodium and water retention occurs. The reduced sodium level helps break the vicious cycle of water retention (hypertension and edema). This is essential for kidney, liver and heart patients.
-The restricted protein level reduces urinary concentrations of oxalate, cystine and urate. This, together with the alkaline urinary pH, prevents the precipitation of calcium oxalate, cystine and urate crystals in the urine. Also, the potassium citrate content reduces the risk of calcium oxalate precipitation.

Additional Information.

-The copper content in SPECIFIC FKD Kidney Support is reduced since copper excretion may be altered in animals with liver problems.
-The increased potassium level in SPECIFIC FKD Kidney Support counteracts the hypokalaemia detected in feline kidney patients.
-The diet has high levels of water-soluble vitamins and potassium to compensate for the increase in urinary losses caused by the use of diuretics in cardiac patients.
-The exceptional palatability of SPECIFIC FKD Kidney Support helps to meet nutritional requirements, even if the patient has little appetite.
-SPECIFIC FKD Kidney Support is packaged in a nitrogen atmosphere to protect the uniquely high level of EPA and DHA in the fish oil.

Not recommended for:

-Kittens and pregnant or lactating cats.
- Patients with cholestasis: a diet with limited fat content (such as SPECIFIC FRD/FRW Weight Reduction or SPECIFIC FXD Adult) is more suitable.
-Cats with struvite urolithiasis.

SPECIFIC FKD Kidney Support ingredients.

Ingredients: corn proteins, animal fat, wheat, rice, eggs, potato protein, fishmeal, minerals, oats, hydrolyzed chicken and turkey protein, powdered cellulose, methionine, vitamins and trace elements, sunflower oil, taurine .
Tamaño de la raza
Cualquier tamaño, Gigante (+45kg), Grande (25-45kg), Mediano (10-25kg), Pequeño (-10kg)
Dietas Específicas

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2 Question(s) answered

  • Asked by sandra
    on 03/25/2019
    Buenas tardes, mi gato es alérgico al pavo ,pollo vaca y cerdo .Necesita pienso renal , pero no se si puede tomar este. Gracias Answer:
    Estimada cliente: Como puede comprobar en nuestra pagina web, en los ingredientes lleva pollo y pavo. Le aconsejo que vaya a su veterinario, le comente el problema y le aconseje un pienso adecuado a sus necesidades. un saludo
  • Asked by Erika
    on 06/14/2019
    teneis Specific Kidney Support FKD 400g actualmente? parece que teneis stock pero quiero confirmar antes de hacer el pedido ya que muchas tiendas online que ponen en venta los productos que en realidad no lo tiene. Answer:
    Estimada cliente: Le recomendamos que haga su pedido, ya que el lunes tendremos en nuestras intalaciones el pienso que usted nos demanda y en 24/48 horas lo tendria usted en su domicilio. un saludo
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Specific Kidney Support FKD

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