SPECIFIC Skin Joint Support FOD

SPECIFIC Skin & Joint Support FOD
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SPECIFIC Skin Joint Support FOD

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SPECIFIC Skin & Joint Support FOD


400gr and 2Kg bag

Indications .

-Dermatological disorders associated with hyperactive inflammatory reactions, caused by atopica or flea allergy.
- Skin and hair problems that respond to increased dietary levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.
-Processes that improve with the contribution of high levels of omega-3 fatty acids such as cachexia related to cancer, neoplasia, kidney disease and immune disorders and inflammatory processes such as arthritis and colitis.
-Daily diet for healthy cats.

Properties and functions of its composition.

-Unique levels of EPA and DHA, omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish oil. These acids can influence the immune response by altering the production of eicosanoids. By producing less inflammatory eicosanoids, EPA and DHA can decrease the hyperreactive inflammatory response of the skin, making it the optimal diet for cats with atopy. EPA is also effective in reducing inflammation and collagen degradation in joints with arthritis.
-Uniquely elevated level of the omega-6 fatty acid GLA, derived from borage oil.
GLA can also influence the immune response by altering the production of eicosanoids. Increased GLA intake has been shown to reduce arthritis symptoms. Diet can help reduce pain in cats with arthritis. By producing less inflammatory eicosanoids, GLA also decreases hyperreactive inflammatory skin reactions.
-The skin has an active metabolism and a high demand for nutrients. Increased levels of vitamins (A, E and B complex), zinc and selenium support healthy skin and coat.
-The diet is very palatable and is the most appropriate way to administer additional fatty acids to the cat.

Additional Information.

-The diet contains high-quality protein.
- As SPECIFIC FOD Skin & Joint Support has a slightly increased energy density, the diet of cats with osteoarthritis should be adjusted taking into account their low activity level.
-The replacement of the fatty acids present by the fatty acids (EPA, DHA and GLA) of SPECIFIC FΩD Skin & Joint Suppor t in the cell membranes, takes time. Therefore, it may take 12 weeks before the full effect of the diet is seen. An improvement in the patient's condition can usually be seen after 6-8 weeks.
-Urine pH less than 6.4 prevents the precipitation of struvite crystals.
- SPECIFIC FΩD Skin & Joint Support is packed in a nitrogen atmosphere to protect the uniquely high levels of EPA, DHA and GLA.

Not recommended for:

-Immunodeficient cats.
-Cats with coagulation disorders.
-Cats with hyperlipidemia.


Corn protein, wheat, potato protein, eggs, animal fat, fish meal, corn starch, fish oil, rice, powdered cellulose, minerals, vitamins and trace elements, hydrolyzed yeast protein, methionine, borage oil, sand plantain shell, taurine, sunflower oil. Antioxidants: ED Approved Additives: BHA, BHT, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Propyl Gallate. Contains no artificial colors or flavors.

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SPECIFIC Skin Joint Support FOD

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