Natural Toy Sticat

Natural Toy Sticat

Natural Toy Sticat

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Natural Toy Sticat

Totally natural product from the Matatabi plant (polygamous actinidia) that produces a relaxing effect on our cats.

It helps reduce stress in our pet by reinforcing the bond between them and us.


Relieves stress and anxiety, cats are very sensitive to stressful situations of their own and others, that is why periods of relaxation are very important so that their state of health is the most appropriate. Cats can be stressed by any situation from a new cat in the neighborhood, changes in decoration, etc. That's why STIAT helps reduce our pet's stress.

It helps preserve our cat's natural behavior , such as maintaining hunting habits to reduce sedentary lifestyle, keeping it in perfect health.

The plant from which it is extracted, Matatabi, has beneficial properties against various diseases such as digestive problems, anxiety, insomnia, colds, hypertension, arthritic pain and in general ailments caused by stress.

The bond between the cat and the owner increases with the use of STIAT, thus reinforcing the bond between the two. Do not replace this product with a toy, its main function is to mitigate stress and anxiety in our cat , increasing its well-being.

ailments caused by stress

Changes in the environment of cats are one of the biggest causes of stress generation in them. One of the most stressful is rivalry with other cats.

This rivalry with other cats is one of the situations that triggers stress that translates, above all, into problems in the urinary tract.

There are also studies linking stress to diseases of the pancreas that cause abdominal pain and other health problems in cats.

Stress can cause him to change his behavior , hide, pull out his hair, relieve himself outside the litter box, etc.

The situations of change or alteration of the environment are one of the factors that produce the most stress in cats, with Sticat we help reduce and mitigate the secondary effects that said stress will cause in our feline.


Algo Funciona

Mi gato es algo especialito con estas cosas. Pero reacciona y hasta lo muerde. Lo compré pues los juguetes con catnip no le llaman la atención pero con el sticat lo hace algo más de caso.


Un éxito total

A mi gatita le encanta jugar con el Sticat y yo estoy tranquila porque no le perjudica morderlo. Tenía algún recelo por si se hacía daño jugando, clavandoselo en el paladar o en un ojo, pero observandola jugar he visto que no parece muy probable que se lastime con el palito.


Para gatos inmunes al catnip

Tengo un gato que nunca ha reaccionado con los juguetes con catnip, pero con este palo se vuelve loco! Le encanta mordisquearlo y jugar con el.
Lo compré por probar, con pocas esperanzas de que funcionase pero ha sido todo un éxito.

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Natural Toy Sticat

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