Exo Terra Neodymium Halogen Lamp 150W

Exo Terra Neodymium Halogen Lamp 150W

Exo Terra Neodymium Halogen Lamp 150W


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Sun Glo Halogen Bulb Daylight UVA

It is a neodymium, halogen lamp that emits daylight and UVA rays , it provides adequate heat for reptiles.

Halogen bulbs are actually an advanced variation of incandescent bulb technology.

It stimulates the reproduction of reptiles.

One of the main factors that shortens the life of an incandescent bulb is the evaporation of tungsten inside the bulb.

By adding a small amount of a halogen gas (methyl bromide) inside the bulb, a chemical reaction removes the tungsten from the glass wall and deposits it back onto the filament, extending the life of the bulb.

The higher temperatures of halogen lighting contribute to whiter light, higher light output and higher efficiency.

It emits an optimized penetration heat by infrared rays.

Can be combined with Night Glo or Heat Glo for 24-hour cycles.

The power of the bulb is 150w and it is of the DAYLIGHT type.


Highly efficient.

Broad spectrum energy.


It emits heat.

Coloration enriched by means of Neodymium.

Promotes reproduction.

Can be combined with night light.

Power: 150w

from Exoterra

Tips and recommendations

It is advised not to touch the bulb directly without antistatic protection.

Recommended for animals such as snakes, reptiles and turtles.

Halogen daylight bulb, favors reproduction and provides heat.

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Exo Terra Neodymium Halogen Lamp 150W

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