Terrarium Exo Terra Nano

Terrario Exo terra Nano
  • Terrario Exo terra Nano

Terrarium Exo Terra Nano

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Terrarium Exo terra NANO

Measurements: 20 x 20 x 30

-front window

  • ventilation
  • Waterproof Bottom (1)
  • Raised bottom frame (2)
  • Stainless steel mesh cover (3)
  • Lock to prevent leakage (4)
  • Practical cover lock (5)
  • Watertight holes for cables and/or tubes (6)
  • Cutout on the back for cables and/or tubes (7)
  • Fits Compact Top Nano PT2224

Exo Terra Terrariums are an ideal home for reptiles and amphibians and have been designed by European herpetologists. Front doors allow easy access for maintenance and animal feeding. A special lock has been designed to prevent escape and all its doors can be opened separately. The screen on the top for ventilation allows the entry of ultraviolet “B” and infrared rays and is easily removable for when you want to decorate or clean. Behind this screen there are 5 entrances for cables or tubes on both sides where any other element ( waterfalls , rocks , sensors, etc.) can be installed inside the terrarium. The lower part of the terrarium has relief to be able to place a heating substrate that allows heating part of the surface. The front window is ideal for thick layers of substrates (for burrowing reptiles), aquatic parts (paludarium) or to install a tunnel system . The background is the same color as other Exo Terra decoration elements, giving it a natural look with easy climbing.

Accessories (not included)

  • Hygro-, thermo- and combometer PT2477/PT2472/PT2470 (9)
  • PT2620 lock to prevent access (10)
  • Fits PT2055 light dome (8)

Includes background

Exo Terra's rocky environment is an easy to cut background with a great natural look. Creates an ideal multi-dimensional habitat for climbing reptiles or can simply be used to beautify the terrarium. Its color and texture are identical to the decoration of the natural terrariums of Exo Terra in order to create a harmonious environment, humid or dry.

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Terrarium Exo Terra Nano

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