Tetra Bactozym Nitrifying Bacteria

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Tetra Bactozym provides immediate biological activity in the aquarium.

Tetra Bactozym is used when installing a new aquarium, at each replacement or cleaning of the filter, after each partial change of water, after a pharmacological treatment.

Natural organic colloids create an invisible film on the filter material and all surfaces, thus promoting the colonization of beneficial bacteria in the filter. It allows to introduce fish only 24 hours after installing the aquarium . Water and filter changes are performed without significant loss of bacterial activity.

  • Selected enzymes reduce water contamination and increase its transparency
  • Provides immediate biological activity and simplifies the start-up of new aquariums
  • Creates an environment conducive to the growth of spoilage bacteria
  • Promotes and accelerates the colonization of nitrifying bacteria (degradation of ammonia and nitrite)
  • Causes decomposition of organic impurities
  • Water and filter changes are performed without significant loss of bacterial activity.
  • Revitalizes microorganisms weakened or damaged by drugs
  • Improved formula with highly active enzymes and spores to ensure a short and long-term effect
  • For all freshwater and saltwater aquariums

Perfect complement: Tetra Bactozym promotes the colonization of the nitrifying bacteria contained in Tetra SafeStart and ensures optimal biological activity in the aquarium.

Application: when installing a new aquarium, at each filter replacement or cleaning, after each partial change of water, after pharmacological treatment.

Suitable for freshwater ornamental fish and marine fish .

Available in a pack that includes 10 capsules .

The practical gelatin capsule has a purely biological action and stands out for its double combined effect. First of all, Tetra Bactozym enriches the water with enzymes and thus causes the decomposition of visible organic impurities.

Water pollution is reduced, water quality is improved, water becomes crystal clear.

Second, Bactozym contains colloids obtained from aquatic plants. These colloids cover the filter surface and all other surfaces on which nitrifying bacteria can develop with a bio-film. This creates the ideal substrate for the formation and proliferation of bacterial cultures. The disintegration of ammonia and nitrite in the aquarium undergoes a strong acceleration.

By using Bactozym, some fish can be introduced as early as 24 hours after new installation. Water or filter changes can be performed without the aggravating loss of bacterial activity. With Bactozym, microorganisms weakened or damaged by drugs are revitalized.

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1 Question(s) answered

  • Asked by Desiree
    on 03/17/2019
    Estas cápsulas se meten directamente en el filtro o dentro de la urna también valdría?? Answer:
    Estimada cliente: Comentarle que normalmente se introducen en el filtro, pero no estamos seguros que tambien puedan suministrarse dentro de la pecera, no podemos darle mas informacion porque acturalmente no lo tenemos en stock, un saludo

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Tetra Bactozym Nitrifying Bacteria

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