Tetra Fungistop Plus

Tetra Fungistop Plus
  • Tetra Fungistop Plus

Tetra Fungistop Plus

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Tetra Fungistop Plus

This drug is ideal for freshwater ornamental fish, it treats fungal infections, spawning fungi and bacterial infections of the mucous membranes and columnar infections.

This treatment is not suitable for invertebrates or delicate plant species.

Diseases often manifest themselves through non-specific symptoms.

That is why you should pay special attention to conspicuous behavior or visually noticeable deficiencies in the fish before buying new aquarium inhabitants.

Fish diseases sometimes spread very quickly.

It is very important to pay special attention to the extraordinary behavior of the fish or to the deficiencies visible to the naked eye in the fish before acquiring new ones and adding them to our aquarium.

The reason why it should be taken into account is because diseases spread quickly between them.

Possible causes are:

Fish feed quality
Water quality
social stress

fungal infection

Cottony formations on the body of fish. Fungal infection, due for example to the fungi Saprolegnia or Achlya.

Possible causes:

It can occur as a secondary infection after external injuries, parasitic or bacterial infections, especially in tanks with poor water conditions and weakened fish.

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Tetra Fungistop Plus

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