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Tetra SeasonStart 250ml

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Tetra SeasonStart

TETRA Pond Season Start ensures a perfect start to the pond season because especially after the winter season , the pond with its inhabitants needs your targeted support.

The fish's immune system is weakened by shutting metabolism down and in the water, phosphate levels have increased, accelerating algae growth.

SeasonStart is a high-quality product that supplies your biotope with important minerals, trace elements and vitamins. In addition, the product provides iron, which in turn promotes plant growth.

TETRA Pond SeasonStart is an enrichment and aid in restoring balance to your biotope.

Contains important minerals, trace elements and vitamins that create healthy living conditions for fish and iron for better plant growth. Reduces phosphates.

Significantly reduces the level of phosphates, nitrates in shallow water.

Makes the water healthy, for live fish.

It stimulates plant growth and delivers the required amount of iron.

Launches natural biological processes to improve water quality.

There is a measurable cap for the dosage.

It works efficiently and quickly.

Dosage: 50 ml per 1000 liters of water.


Optimal start after the winter holidays.

Improved pond water quality.

Strengthens the immune system of fish, promotes plant growth.

Easy to use and easy to dose

Bottle format is 250ml

How to use:

Shake the bottle well and add Tetra Pond SeasonStart with the 50ml dosage cap per 1,000 liters of pond water. For an optimal effect with a stick or similar.

Distribute evenly in the water. Repeat the application weekly until the product is used up.

With additional ventilation, the effect of Tetra Pond SeasonStart can be optimised.

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Tetra SeasonStart 250ml

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