TetraAqua AquaSafe Conditions tap water

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TetraAqua AquaSafe Conditions tap water

TetraAqua AquaSafe Conditions tap water


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Easily soluble Tetra AquaSafe conditions tap water for fish-friendly, near-natural aquarium water.
The unique combination of vitamins, natural biopolymers and trace elements allows for a new formula for quality water and healthy fish.

  • Makes tap water safe for fish
  • Neutralizes harmful substances and ensures natural-like aquarium water
  • Substances in tap water harmful to fish are immediately neutralized: chlorine and chloramine are removed and heavy metals such as copper, zinc and lead are fully bound by a complex agent
  • Guarantees transparent and healthy water
  • Biocolloids promote the growth of beneficial bacteria that clarify the water
  • Essential elements that are present in natural environments are added: iodine for greater vitality, and magnesium for growth and well-being
  • Optimized vitamin formula reduces stress and extends fish life
  • Protects the gills and mucous membranes thanks to the action of colloids
  • Acts in seconds and has a long-lasting effect
  • Suitable for freshwater and marine aquariums

Are you familiar with Tetra's water care concept? Complete line of products to guarantee clean water with balanced parameters and healthy fish. Tetra's water care system includes SafeStart, AquaSafe, 6in1 Test and EasyBalance products. Thorough testing in our state-of-the-art laboratories has shown that these products keep the water and fish in optimum condition, so that our customers have time to relax and enjoy their aquariums. These products are easy to apply and allow perfect organization and care of the aquarium. Tetra water care: simplicity and reliability for optimal results!

Condition the tap water in the following cases with 5 ml of AquaSafe per 10 liters of water: aquarium setup, water changes and transport of fish

WATER MAINTENANCE TIPS FOR FISH AQUARIUMS Pet Planet wants to go further than any pet store that sells products for maintenance of aquarium water for fish and therefore gives you some advice that we hope will be practical when choosing the right product: Aquarium water conditions Aquarium temperature: Perhaps it is one of the most important factors for the survival of our fish, that is why we advise you to have a thermometer in your aquarium and to check it regularly (this thermometer can be found in specialized stores for animals), a thermometer will warn you if the heater of your aquarium fails. The normal temperature for most tropical fish is about 24-26 ºC. Since this is pretty generic, don't forget to ask what temperature each species requires when you buy it at your pet store. pH of the water: For fresh water, a pH around (6.5-7.5) is enough for most fish and plants to develop normally and in marine aquariums around (8.1-8.2), but be careful It will depend on each species. In specialized pet stores you will find pH meters for your aquarium, it will be enough to measure it once a month. If you decide to modify the pH of an aquarium, do it in the least abrupt way possible. > Turbidity of the water in your aquarium: Also so that everyone understands it, we could say the clarity of the water in your aquarium. Tap water is usually quite slightly cloudy, in any case always try to make the water as clear as possible by making partial changes to the water in your aquarium. The chlorine in the water in our aquarium: The water as it comes out of the tap can be deadly for the fish and plants in the aquarium, this is due to the chlorine that the water contains. How can we avoid this naturally and make the water pure: collect rainwater through containers for our aquarium, a cumbersome method that we do not recommend since it can lead to a series of inconveniences for fish and plants in the aquarium. Another way is to let the water stand for a couple of days so that it releases the chlorine.  Although, the most practical thing would be to use the products sold in pet stores to remove chlorine from tap water. All the advice given is generic, therefore we advise you to get information based on the species of fish, since it can change substantially.



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4 Question(s) answered

  • Asked by Julio Cesar Fernandez Peralta
    on 08/13/2017
    Se puede tratar con los peces en el acuari Answer:
    Estimad@ cliente, Desde el departamento de acuarofilia nos recomiendan que el acuario esté libre de peces mientras dura el tratamiento. Un saludo. Dpto. Ecommerce
  • Asked by Lidia
    on 07/02/2018
    ¿Se puede añadir este producto al acuario con los peces dentro? De no ser así, ¿cuanto tiempo tendría que esperar para añadir los peces una vez agregado el producto? Answer:
    Estimad@ cliente, Antes de meter peces en el acuario hay que dejarlo madurar por lo mínimo durante 15/30 días (lo ideal son 30 días), Dpto. Ecommerce
  • Asked by Diego lopez
    on 07/20/2018
    Cada cuanto debo aplicar el producto Answer:
    Estimad@ cliente, SE debe aplicar el producto siempre que se acondicione un acuario desde el primer llenado y cuando haya renovaciones de agua. Dpto. Ecommerce
  • Asked by a guest
    on 08/03/2019
    Se hecha en cada cambio de agua teniendo en cuenta solo los litros que cambio o los litros totales de mi pecera Answer:
    Estimado cliente: En respuesta a su pregunta comentarle que solo se echa la cantidad de agua que cambia. un saludo.
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TetraAqua AquaSafe Conditions tap water

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