Titan Cooler for Aquariums

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Titan Enfriador para Acuarios
  • Titan Enfriador para Acuarios
  • Titan Enfriador para Acuarios

Titan Cooler for Aquariums

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The Titan range of chillers have been specifically designed for closed water cycle chillers in fresh and saltwater aquariums.

TITAN coolers are supplied with heat exchangers , made of salt water resistant titanium steel.

These coolers are corrosion resistant and free of water contaminating materials. The cold units can be used in both fresh water and salt water, such as
also in diversity of chemicals.

The coolers have a 1-stage cooling system, containing the refrigerant gas R 134a (FCKW). They work with a capillary injection control system.

The TITAN 250, TITAN 500, TITAN 1500, TITAN 2000 coolers are equipped with the following elements:

A temperature computer with Digital Display.
Water inlet and outlet connections.
A solid cover made of metal and plastic.

Start up

1. The cold units must be located in a well-ventilated place. They collect the heat
of the water in the unit and transforms it into surrounding air.
An increase in temperature directly in the cold unit supposes a noticeable
reduction in performance. Sufficient ventilation is therefore essential.

The environmental temperature will not exceed 35º C.

2. The cooling units must be connected to the connection pieces for a cycle of
closed water. This is done using plastic tubes or hoses (the parts of
connection extras are optional). It is recommended to place the unit below the
water surface.

3. Connect the water stream. It is important that the water current circulates
continuously, because the temperature sensor is located inside the unit, the
heat exchanger in case of failure can not freely circulate water.

The minimum and maximum flows are:
TITAN 250 minimum 200, maximum 800 litres/h.
TITAN 500 minimum 500, maximum 2000 litres/h.
TITAN 1500 minimum 800, maximum 2500 litres/h.
TITAN 2000 minimum 2000, maximum 4000 litres/h.

4. Before starting to work, the coolers must rest for 1 hour. Connect it to a
voltage of 230 V and switch on the unit (connect the plug and switch on). Now the
current water temperature is shown on the display, because the thermosensor is located
at the water inlet, is always a temperature, which corresponds to the temperature
of the tank.

team control

TITAN series cooling units are supplied with a digital temperature controller .

Programming: The display shows the current temperature of the water.

Check the set point: Press the "SET" button (once) now the set point is shown on the display and a flashing LED (top left). After a few seconds, the unit returns to displaying the current temperature.

Setting: Press the SET button about 5 seconds, then the value appears on the display flashing. The SET value can be changed in steps of 1º C, using the and buttons. By pressing the "SET" button again, the set point is saved. The status of the chiller (compressor on or off) is indicated by the small LED on the display (between the second and third digits of the display).

Technical data

TITAN 250 TITAN 500 TITAN 1500 TITAN 2000
Power (compressor) 1/8 hp 1/4 hp 1/2 hp 1 hp

PotPower (Watt) 100 W 190 W 375W 550 W

Cooling capacity 190 W 395 W 790 W 1650 W

For aquariums up to: 150L-300L 250L-500L 700L-1500L 1500L-2500L

Recommended fluid 200 - 800 l/h 500 - 2000 l/h 800 - 2500 l/h 2000 - 4000 l/h

Weight 12K 14.5K 16.6K 31.5Kg

Refrigerant gas R 134a

Dimensions 38 x 34 x 32 cm 39 x 34 x 39 cm 40 x 50 x 44 cm (LxBxH)

TITANIUM heat exchanger

Temperature controller: Digital, displayed temperature accuracy 0.1º C


The chiller has the same requirements regarding maintenance as conventional units (fridges, etc.).

Clean the air condenser regularly. We recommend cleaning the exchanger with plenty of water once a year to remove sludge.

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  • Asked by Ivan
    on 01/18/2021
    K bomba de agua sería ideal paltitan 2000 Answer:
    Buenas tardes, los compañeros de acuariofilia nos han recomendado para el Titan 2000, el Eheim CompactON 3000, en el siguiente enlace lo puede ver: https://www.mascotaplanet.com/comprar-eheim-compact-bomba-para-acuarios.html#/19717-modelo-compact_3000
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Titan Cooler for Aquariums

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