Catappa Bark Aquarium Treatment

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Catappa Bark Aquarium Treatment

The leaves and bark of the Catappa have already been used in aquariums in Asian countries for a long time.

Keepers and breeders of various fish and animals such as fighting fish, discus fish, crustaceans and loricariids apply the leaves and bark for the treatment of bacterial diseases as well as for the healing of injured fish, e.g. eg, bites or transport injuries. The risk of wound infection is greatly reduced through the use of our Catappa Leaves and Catappa Barks.
Malabar almond bark is similar in effect to Malabar almond leaves (Catappa Leaves), only considerably more resistant.
The humic substance and tannin it contains promotes the mucosa of the fish, which makes it difficult for many pathogens to pass through this protection. The pieces of bark are also of great help during the proliferation and rearing of your fish. Firstly, they promote the mating disposition of your fish and secondly, they reduce milk mycosis.
Even blue algae (cyanobacteria) do not proliferate thanks to the substances they contain.
It is also striking that the positive bacteria for aquariums are demonstrably not damaged.
When transporting fish, it is highly recommended to add a small piece of Catappa Bark or our Catappa Leaves to the transport water. This greatly reduces the susceptibility and stress of the animals due to the high germ load.
Likewise, you can prepare your fresh water directly with our pieces of bark if you want to change the water. This serves to reduce the stress load on your fish.
By releasing humic substances and tannins, the Malabar almond bark creates a natural environment and increases the vitality as well as the well-being of its aquarium inhabitants.
It is good that to obtain the bark no tree has to suffer or die.

weight 20g

Instructions for use:

Introduce a piece of bark directly into the aquarium. 1 piece of Catappa Bark is enough for approx. 100 litres. The bark sinks in a short time, settling at the bottom of the aquarium.

If you need a quick delivery of the active substances, scald the Catappa Bark briefly with boiling water. In a period of approx. 3 weeks, our Catappa Bark releases the active substances into the water. Then you can introduce a fresh piece to the aquarium. Old Malabar almond bark can be left in the aquarium as additional food and hiding place for crabs and crustaceans or recycled.

If you also apply our Catappa Leaves, please take this into account in the dosage.

If stored dry, catappa bark has unlimited shelf life.
Since they are a purely natural product, differences in shape, color and size may occur.

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Catappa Bark Aquarium Treatment

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