Tropical Bionautic Granules

Tropical Bionautic Granules

Tropical Bionautic Granules

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Tropical Bionautic Granules

Multi-ingredient food for medium and large marine fish

BIONAUTIC GRANULAT is a complete multi-ingredient food for medium and large marine fish, crustaceans and invertebrates. Made mainly with raw materials of marine origin. Contains garlic, spirulina and astaxanthin.

Due to the technological processes used in its elaboration, the grains soften quickly and the fish accepts them with enthusiasm.


100ml (55g)

Granulated food for marine fish

BIONAUTIC is the first food of completely modernized marine fish: we have improved the formulas and the design of the containers. These sinking pellets are multi-ingredient for daily feeding of small and medium omnivorous species of marine fish and crustaceans, and have been manufactured through state-of-the-art extrusion technology ( by HTST* method), which guarantees the best physical and chemical parameters. Thanks to the modern technology used for the production of the granules they quickly become soft and are therefore eagerly eaten by fish. The composition of the granules has been created to satis>BIONAUTIC provides them with all the essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, which guarantee proper development and excellent conditions. Of fiber and active substances of spirulina to facilitate digestion, which together with modern production technology, prevents constipation and its dangerous consequences. 

*HTST is the acronym for the English words High Temperature/Short Time treatment, low treatment time at high temperatures.

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Tropical Bionautic Granules

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