Tropical Marine Power Advanced Calcium 375gr
  • Tropical Marine Power Advanced Calcium 375gr

Tropical Marine Power Advanced Calcium 375gr

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Tropical Marine Power Advanced Calcium 375gr

Ideal and useful for the automatic preparation of concentrated solutions to raise the level of calcium in the aquarium.

The preparation is mainly intended for tanks with a predominance of SPS / LPS calcification beads. In the case of lower calcium intake, we recommend using a prepared liquid: MARINE POWER EASY CALCIUM.

Calcium is very important for the proper growth of calcification bodies (SPS / LPS) and for many marine organisms, such as snails and mussels.

These organisms take calcium directly from the water, so an excessive calcium deficit can not only slow down their growth, but also negatively affect their condition and health.

The calcium level in coral reef waters is about 390-420 mg/l.

In most marine reservoirs, the Ca level should be kept as constant as possible, in the range of 380-440 mg/l.

Its use in a properly functioning marine aquarium, Ca ions are constantly decreasing, mainly due to the consumption of calcium carbonate.

Carbonates are consumed not only by calcifying beads (SPS and LPS), but also by mollusks (snails, bivalves) and calcareous algae.

Calcium deprivation should be supplemented daily with ADVANCED QUALITY MARINE POWER. Calcium consumption depends on many factors, such as water temperature, lighting, type of storage in the aquarium and others, and its level requires regular monitoring.

The more optimal the conditions in the aquarium, the faster the corals will grow and the faster they will consume calcium from the water . Therefore, Ca supplementation must be constantly controlled and adjusted to the needs of the aquarium. To determine the calcium level, we recommend the XACT MARINE POWER TEST CALCIUM. Thanks to it, you can easily determine the current level of Ca and its loss, for example, during the week.

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Tropical Marine Power Advanced Calcium 375gr

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