Tropical Marine Power Advanced Mineral Salt

Tropical Marine Power Advanced Mineral Salt
  • Tropical Marine Power Advanced Mineral Salt

Tropical Marine Power Advanced Mineral Salt


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Tropical Marine Power Advanced Mineral Salt

Advanced mineral salt is used to equalize the proportion of elements so that it feels close to seawater.

The preparation is an essential complement to advanced macronutrient supplementation.

The side effect of calcium and KH (bicarbonate) dosing is the NaCl salt. Therefore, long-term dosing of Ca and KH can increase salinity and affect the chemical balance of macroelements in brine.

The use of mineral salt compensates for these disparities. It is important that the three advanced quality preparations, ADVANCED KH/ALKALINITY and ADVANCED MINERAL SALT are used together as a complete method of macronutrient delivery in a marine aquarium.

Since the main application of mineral salt is to maintain the correct proportions between macronutrients , its dosage depends on the daily intake of calcium and the daily decrease in KH in the aquarium.

Tropical's advanced method is based on the administration of identical quantities of three preparations: ADVANCED CALCIUM, MARINE POWER ADVANCED KH / ALKALINITY and MARINE POWER ADVANCED SAL MIENRAL, so it is important that the preparation of the fluids is carried out in accordance with the attached instructions.

Despite the possibility of manually dispensing preparations with the advanced method, we recommend the use of dosing pumps, thanks to which dosing will be easier and more precise.

Preparation and dosage

Mineral salt is used to prepare the liquid yourself.

Preparation of 1 liter of the preparation:

1. Using a kitchen scale, weigh 25 g of the preparation.

2. Pour 700 ml of RODI water at room temperature (20 °C) into a container with a volume scale.

3. Feed previously weighed 25 g of the preparation and then mix well until the crystals dissolve completely.

4. Fill the dish to 1 L (1000 ml) with RODI water.

5. If you need more liquid, use the table.

RODI Water Marine Power Advanced Mineral Salt

1l 25g

2L 50g

5L 125g

10L 250g

The available format of the container is in 500gr and 1000gr.

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Tropical Marine Power Advanced Mineral Salt

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