Tropical Marine Power Easy Cations
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Tropical Marine Power Easy Cations

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Tropical Marine Power Easy Cations

Perfect for micronutrient supplementation in a marine aquarium.

The product contains microelements ( lithium, strontium, molybdenum, chromium, iron, boron, copper, potassium ) necessary for the proper development of marine invertebrates.

The ingredients of the preparation have been selected to optimally influence the state of the inhabitants of the marine aquarium.

It has been formulated to complement tropical easy anions, therefore we recommend using these preparations at the same time.

The importance of microelements.

For the proper development of marine fauna and flora in the aquarium, in addition to macroelements, elements are essential, which in natural sea water are found in minute quantities in the form of cations and anions.

Macro and micronutrients are responsible for the correct metabolism of the aquarium inhabitants. Many microelements are responsible for the growth and beautiful colors of corals.

The use of sea powers.

The micronutrients contained in the preparation are important for many metabolic processes of marine invertebrates, and with dynamically developing limestone corals, their amount can quickly fall below optimal values.

Small defects in these elements are not dangerous to corals, but they can affect their condition, inhibit their growth and cause color loss.


To maintain correct micronutrient levels add 20ml (one full nut) per 100l of water every 4-5 days.

Due to the fact that excess micronutrients can be detrimental to aquarium inhabitants and lead to unwanted algae invasion, do not exceed recommended dosages.

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Tropical Marine Power Easy Cations

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