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Tropical Marine Power Easy Magnesium

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Tropical Marine Power Easy Magnesium


Perfect for raising the magnesium level in a marine aquarium . This product is primarily intended for smaller tanks with soft corals .

The importance of Mg in the aquarium.

Magnesium is the third largest component of seawater after soft drinks and chlorides.

Their presence significantly affects the availability of calcium and strontium for coral calcification (SPS/LPS) and for many marine organisms, such as snails and mussels.

Magnesium is an important bioelement for marine organisms, as it participates in many metabolic processes.

Optimum level of Mg

The level of magnesium in coral reef waters is about 1280-1320 mg/l.

In most home marine tanks, the magnesium level should be kept in a similar range, as constant as possible. Overhangs of 10-15% are not dangerous to the aquarium cast, although they can stress the corals.


In the properly functioning marine aquarium, Mg ions are steadily declining, primarily due to the calcification process.

Although magnesium is not a major component of the skeleton of corals, ions are often incorporated into the skeleton, and in some coral magnesium species more than 3% of the main chain structure. In addition, magnesium prevents excessive precipitation of calcium carbonate.

Magnesium depletion must be replenished daily with MARINE POWER EASY MAGNESIUM. Magnesium intake depends on many factors, such as water temperature, lighting, type of storage in the aquarium and others, and its level requires regular monitoring. Therefore, Mg supplementation must be constantly monitored and adjusted to the needs of the aquarium.

To determine the level of magnesium, we recommend MARINE POWER XACT TEST MAGNESIUM. Thanks to it, you can easily determine the current level of Mg and its loss, for example, during the week.

Determination of the average daily loss of Mg.

If the aquarium is mainly inhabited by soft corals, the daily Mg consumption may be small and may vary daily, so we recommend calculating the average daily Mg loss.

For this purpose, two measurements of the magnesium level should be made at an interval of 4-5 days. It is important that both measurements are done at approximately the same time of day and that the water change (if done weekly) is done at least 24 hours apart from both measurements. Thanks to this, it will not significantly affect the result.

In a properly functioning aquarium, the first Mg result should be greater than the second. We then subtract the second result from the first and divide the value obtained by the number of days (minus 1), in the interval in which we took the measurements. .


Day 1: Mg = 1340mg/l

Day 5: Mg = 1300mg/l

Drop Mg = 1340 - 1300 = 40/4 days = 10 mg/l per day

The result means whether daily Mg supplementation should be increased. If the result is equal to 0, Mg supplementation is not required.

It should be remembered that magnesium consumption will increase with the growth of corals and other invertebrates in the aquarium. Therefore, this process must be repeated every few weeks.

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Tropical Marine Power Easy Magnesium

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