Tropical Red Mico Alimento Peces Ornamentales
  • Tropical Red Mico Alimento Peces Ornamentales

Tropical Red Mico Ornamental Fish Food

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Tropical Red Mico Ornamental Fish Food

RED MICO fish food contains freeze-dried chironomid larvae. It is a natural food for omnivorous and carnivorous fish, both freshwater and seawater, obtained by freeze-drying chironomid larvae – insects of the Chironomidae family. A food collected with pleasure by fish. An easily digestible source of protein. But in fresh, and even frozen form, it can be a source of pathogens, dangerous for fish.

The freeze-drying process effectively removes all organisms in the aquarium that could be a cause of fish disease. Lyophilization allows at the same time preservation of delicate vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, proteins and other food supplements of chironomid larvae, which make this a precious and natural food for ornamental fish.

Its benefits:

High protein content.

For both omnivorous fish and carnivorous fish.

fresh water and sea water.

It resembles blood worms(red mosquito larvae).

Vitamins A, D, E and C.

How to use:

It can be applied dry or after previously soaking it.

Dosage: Several times a day, in small portions.

Recommended food for omnivorous and carnivorous freshwater and seawater fish.

Bottle format is 80g / 250 ml


Main ingredients

Derivatives of plant origin, red pepper extract 3,800 mg/kg, fish and fish derivatives, vegetable protein extract, oils and fats, cereals, yeast, (including Beta -1,3/1,6-glucan 1,000 mg/kg , mineral substances(including zeolite 1%).


Vitamin A 28,000 KIU/KG Vitamin D 1,800 IU/kg Vitamin E 100 mg/kg

Selenium 0.2mg/kg Copper 1.6 mg/kg Iodine 0.2 mg/kg

Magnesium 6.7 mg/kg Vitamin C 450 mg/kg Zinc 9.0 mg/kg

Iron 32.4mg /kg


Proteins 50% Fats 7.5 % Fibers 2 %

Humidity 8 %

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Tropical Red Mico Ornamental Fish Food

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