Tropical Spirulina Flakes Alimento Para Peces
  • Tropical Spirulina Flakes Alimento Para Peces

Tropical Spirulina Flakes Fish Food

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Tropical Spirulina Flakes Fish Food

It is a vegetable flake food with a complement of Spirulina platensis algae.

A vegetable food in the form of flakes with a complement of Spirulina platensis algae (6%).

Intended for daily feeding of herbivorous and omnivorous fish in freshwater and saltwater aquariums, including the popular Lake Malawi cichlids, guppies, poecillas and other viviparous fish.

Outstanding nutritional properties of spirulina form a perfect condition of the fish and regulate the digestive processes.

This is a very important factor with regard to herbivorous fish, whose long digestive tract requires particular attention at the time of diet composition.

A high level of natural dyes from the group of carotenoids, which contains spirulina, intensifies the colors of the fish and favors the correct functioning of their organisms thanks to their influence on many physiological processes and the protection of cells against the harmful action of free radicals.

It is a complete food in flakes with spirulina platensis algae (6%) , for the daily feeding of herbivorous and omnivorous fish.

Spirulina platensis is a source of easily assimilable proteins, vitamins and trace elements, which ensure proper growth and development and excellent physical condition.


Ideal for herbivores and omnivores.

Flakes type.

Brand: Tropical.


Administer several times a day in small portions.


Main ingredients

ingredients of plant origin, algae (spirulina platensis min 6%), cereals, vegetable protein extracts, fish and fish derivatives, molluscs and crustaceans, yeast, oils and fats, mineral substances (including zeolite 1%)


Vitamin A 34,500 KIU/KG Vitamin D3 1,950 IU/kg Vitamin E 120 IU/kg

Selenium 0.25mg/kg Copper 2 mg/kg Iodine 0.24 mg/kg

Manganese 8.3 % Vitamin C 440 mg/kg Zinc 10.2 mg/kg

Iron 38.5mg/kg

Lecithin, Colorants, Antioxidants


Proteins 44% Fats 6 % Fibers 3% Humidity 7 %

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Tropical Spirulina Flakes Fish Food

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