Tropical SUPERVIT GRANULAT Muti-Vitamined

Tropical SUPERVIT GRANULAT Muti-Vitamined

Tropical SUPERVIT GRANULAT Muti-Vitamined


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Tropical SUPERVIT GRANULAT Muti-Vitamined

A multi-vitamin granulated food

A complete food in sinking granules, intended for the daily feeding of omnivorous fish, especially for those that collect food in the depths of water or from the bottom. The granules contain a natural immunostimulant: beta glucan and stabilized vitamin C that reinforce the immune system, helping the fish's organisms in the fight against pathogens. Several dozen selected elements of the highest quality, supplemented with a series of optimally selected vitamins and microelements, cover the energy and food needs of the most demanding species. A very complex formulation of Supervit Granulat feed makes it particularly popular in multi-species aquariums.

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a basic, multi-ingredient, granulated food with beta-glucan A multi-ingredient food in the form of sinking granules for everyday feeding of omnivorous aquarium fish, particularly those that feed in the middle layers of the water or at the bottom. Beta-glucan, an immune stimulator, and stabilized vitamin C enhance the immune system and help combat pathogens. A wide range of carefully selected, top quality ingredients, supplemented with optimally balanced vitamins and trace elements, meets the nutritional and energy requirements of even the most demanding species of fish. The ingredient-rich formula of SUPERVIT GRANULAT makes it a perfect solution for multi-species tanks. We also recommend other granulated foods such as SPIRULINA GRANULAT


Main ingredients

fish and fish by-products, by-products of vegetable origin (includes red pepper extract 2,000 mg/kg), vegetable protein extracts, molluscs and crustaceans, cereals, algae, yeast (including Beta-1,3/1,6- Glucan 1,000 mg/kg), oils and fats, minerals (including zeolite 1%)


-Vitamin A 29,800IU/kg -Vitamin C 500mg/kg -Vitamin D3 1,890mg/kg -Vitamin E 100mg/kg

-Selenium 0.23mg/kg -Manganese 7.8mg/kg -Iron 37.8mg /kg -Zinc 10.5mg/kg -Copper 1.7mg/kg -Iodine 0.23mg/kg


-Proteins 48% -Fats 8% -Fibers 3% -Moisture 10%

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Tropical SUPERVIT GRANULAT Muti-Vitamined

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