Tropical Tanganyika Cichlids

Tropical Tanganyika Cichlids

Tropical Tanganyika Cichlids


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Tropical Tanganyika Cichlids

Tropical Tanganyika is a basic multi-complemental flake food for cichlid fish from Lake Tanganyika

Tropical Tanganyika is a complete and basic flake food, intended for the daily feeding of omnivorous and carnivorous cichlids of Lake Tanganyika of the Altolamprologus, Julidochromis, Lamprologus, Neolamprologus, Ciprichromis, Paraciprichromis, etc. type. Tropical's Tanganyika feed contains better quality protein, including from krill and squid, which is part of a source of important essential amino acids. The taste makes the fish, even the most capricious, pick up the food. The natural resistance of fish against diseases is reinforced by the substances contained in spirulina and vitamin C. Regular application of Tanganyika scales guarantees correct growth and color enhancement. For this group of fish we also recommend: Krill Flake, Cichlid Gran, Cichlid Color.

Do you know what is the right food for cichlid fish?:

Their diet depends on the geographical place of origin, there are omnivorous and herbivorous cichlids. In freedom they generally feed on small crustaceans, algae, small fish. In captivity, it is highly recommended to opt for a professional range feed, leaving aside the commercial ranges for less nutritionally demanding specimens. It is very important that the quality of the algae, flakes or granules is very good, otherwise they are prone to digestive problems. They come from (Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria, Amazon River)

The habitats of cichlid fish:

The vast majority are in tropical areas

From black, acidic and soft waters (such as the Negro River (Amazonas) to hard and alkaline waters (such as Lake Tanganyika), or even in the brackish waters of river mouths.

The vast majority of cichlids inhabit fresh water but there are both salt and brackish water species, although many of the freshwater species tolerate brackish water for long periods eg ''Cichlasoma urophthalmus''. They can be found living and breeding in saltwater environments such as river mouths, mangrove belts around barrier islands. Several species of tilapia (tilapia, Sarotherodon, and Oreochromis) are resistant to brackish water and can disperse along shorelines between some brackish rivers.

Something in which these fish stand out is in the care they dedicate to their progeny. The clutch, which is not very numerous compared to the fish that do not care about the eggs, will defend it bravely, even against much larger enemies. And the vast majority will take care of the fry for about a month.

As for spawning places, there is everything: in caves, on the surface of stones, in holes dug by themselves, on leaves, etc. Although it should be noted the evolution in some species of cichlids that has led them to incubate the eggs in their own mouth, ensuring greater survival, but at the cost of a smaller number of eggs.

Many of the African species use mouth incubation as a breeding method, which consists of keeping the young protected in the mother's mouth until they reach a considerable size and are released.


Main ingredients

Fish and fish by-products, molluscs and crustaceans (including shrimp meal min. 12%, squid meal min. 3%), algae (including Spirulina platensis min. 8%), by-products of vegetable origin, vegetable protein extracts, cereals , yeast, oils and fats, mineral substances (including zeolite 1%).


-Vitamin A 41,600IU/kg -Vitamin C 48.2mg/kg -Vitamin D3 2,000mg/kg -Vitamin E 156mg/kg

-Selenium 0.3mg/kg -Manganese 10mg/kg -Zinc 13.1mg/kg -Copper 2.4mg/kg -Iodine 0.3mg/kg


-Proteins 48% -Fats 7.5% -Fibers 3% -Moisture 6%

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Tropical Tanganyika Cichlids

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