Vectra 3D Pipettes for Small Dogs 4 - 10kg

Pipetas Vectra 3D para Perros de 4 - 10kg
  • Pipetas Vectra 3D para Perros de 4 - 10kg

Vectra 3D Pipettes for Small Dogs 4 - 10kg


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Vectra 3D Pipettes for Dogs from 4 - 10kg

Vectra antiparasitic pipettes for dogs weighing between 4 to 10kg, effective against fleas , ticks, mosquitoes, sandflies, midges and insects.

Eliminates the extraction of blood from fleas in just 5 minutes , kills fleas two hours after the application of this pipette.

The flea development cycle is suppressed for 2 months after application.

Repels and eliminates ticks for a month.

Repellent effect against sandflies, mosquitoes and biting insects, the effect lasts a month.

Eliminates flying insects 24 hours after the monthly dose is applied and the effect is maintained for a month.

Offers persistent repellent activity. Prevents sandfly and mosquito bites for a month after application.

The treatment also provides persistent insecticidal activity for one month against mosquitoes and stable flies.

Recommended as a treatment against flea allergies.

Suitable for puppies from 7 weeks of age, weighing at least 1.5kg


The effect of each pipette is one month.

After 24 hours after application, it spreads throughout the body.

Its effect persists during baths and shampoos

Contains an acaricidal and repellent effect.

Recommended for infections and prevention of fleas, ticks, sandflies, mosquitoes and insects.

Eliminates most ticks and fleas.

It can be applied to puppies from 7 weeks of age.

The format is 3 pipettes or 6 pipettes

Administration mode

Apply in the form of a cross on the back.

The recommended minimum administration is 6.4 mg dinotefuran/kg body weight, 0.6 mg pyriproxyfen/kg body weight and 46.6 mg permethrin/kg body weight, equivalent to 0.12 ml of the veterinary medicinal product per kg body weight.

If the animal weighs between 4-10 kg, the 1.2 ml pipette corresponds to it

After the application of the pipette, the medicine will prevent the infestation for a month.

The administration of the dose can be repeated once a month to maintain the effect each month.


Do not use in cats.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity.



Each 1.2 mL pipette contains 77 mg dinotefuran, 7.7 mg pyriproxyfen, and 635 mg permethrin.
Excipients: N-octyl-2-pyrrilidone and N-methylpyrrilidone.

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Vectra 3D Pipettes for Small Dogs 4 - 10kg

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