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Vermistop Internal Antiparasitic (Pack 30 Tablets)

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Vermistop Internal Antiparasitic for Pets

Nutritional supplement indicated for the treatment and prevention of intestinal parasites in dogs and cats.

VermiStop is formulated with dry extract of 6 plants that help create a hostile environment for parasites and thus stimulate the body's natural physiological functions against them.

It is a natural and little aggressive solution for the pet's organism. Being composed of a mixture of plants, its spectrum of action is extended to several species of parasites , while reducing the chances of generating resistance by them.

Its ingredients have been shown to be effective against different species of nematodes, cestodes and intestinal protozoa.



In low-risk animals, as an alternative to regular anthelmintic treatment. As a reinforcement to the usual anthelmintic treatment in animals at high risk of becoming infested for various reasons, such as poor health, advanced age, pets that live in kennels or with other animals, dogs that hunt, eat offal, raw meat, etc. or who make trips for vacations, exhibitions, transfers, etc.

Environments with children or other vulnerable people (immunosuppressed, receiving chemotherapy...), this product offers extra protection to reduce the chances of transmitting diseases from animals to people (zoonoses).

Format, box with 120 tablets of 1.3grs, 156grs of total weight

12 blisters of 10 tablets


1 tablet for every 10kg of weight for 5 days, rest for 15 days and repeat for 5 more days, it is recommended to follow this pattern 4 times a year.


Main ingredients

Garlic dry extract 300mg, pumpkin seeds 300mg, dicalcium phosphate, rice starch, mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, grape seed extracts 50mg, barberry extract 50mg, marshmallow extract 50mg, echinacea extract 50mg, magnesium stearate , calcium carbonate.


Proteins 6.4 % Fats 0.47% Fibers 3.21% Ashes 20.72%

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