Enredaderas Terrarios Musgo Vine Exo Terra Impermeable
  • Enredaderas Terrarios Musgo Vine Exo Terra Impermeable

Terrarium Vines Moss Vine Exo Terra Waterproof

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Terrarium Vines Moss Vine Exo Terra Waterproof

Exo-Terra moss vine for terrariums, made of a very flexible material , very adaptable, it can be molded very easily in which we can braid them or make shapes in our terrarium and thus decorate it in a more personalized way.

These vines are very special for terrariums with arboreal animals.

Being waterproof it can be submerged to give more realism to the habitat.

They can be joined and intertwined with other vines of different sizes to create a 3-D feel. AND

This product is backed by the high quality of the Exo Terra brand , a specialist in products for natural terrariums.

Available in two sizes , these vines will allow you to personalize your terrarium in a very original and very realistic way.



Totally realistic natural appearance.

Recommended for arboreal reptiles and amphibians

They can be bent, twisted and shaped to fit any terrarium

You can create a three-dimensional habitat.

Its texture is totally realistic.

Very flexible material.

Decorative element or to expand the habitat.

Its approximate measurements:

Small: 185 cm long x 1 cm thick

Large: 185 cm long x 1.5 cm thick

Some areas are too hot or too dry for plants, while others may have different light requirements, or may simply be consumed by reptiles.

Not all terrarium conditions allow natural plants to grow or thrive.

Artificial plants are made in a very realistic way, they are exact copies of their counterparts, and they are also easier to maintain.

These plants offer the same advantages as real plants, as they are decorative, serve as shelters and dwellings for animals, etc. A combination of Exo Terra artificial plants with real plants allows you to fully plant a terrarium, even in the hottest or driest areas.

Recommended to decorate the terrariums of reptiles.


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Terrarium Vines Moss Vine Exo Terra Waterproof

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