Vitakraft Hamster Bars Fruit & Cereal Flakes

Vitakraft Hamster Bars Fruit & Cereal Flakes

Vitakraft Hamster Bars Fruit & Cereal Flakes

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Delicious Vitakraft fruit and cereal bars for rodents, they are healthy enriched with vitamins to maintain rodent health. Made with high quality seeds, Vitakraft bars are a healthy alternative to other foods for rodents such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, etc...

To ensure a long and healthy life for your pet, provide a rich and varied diet , made up of assorted seeds, assorted fresh fruits and vegetables, and mineral supplements.

Optimum and adequate nutrition for your small animals is particularly important. With you will find a wide range of quality food supplements to cover all the daily nutrient and vitamin needs of your pet.

Pet Planet we try to give you much more than any pet store, that's why we give you the best advice to improve the quality of life of your pet and that you can enjoy with it:

Hamsters must be fed once a day, at night, since they sleep during the day. Hamsters generally hide food and consume it at different times of the day in private. Hamsters use their front legs to eat and are omnivores, eating anything, including worms and insects.

What food do we give hamsters to keep them healthy? To keep hamsters healthy, we must offer them a rich, balanced and, above all, very varied diet, based on commercial preparations of dry seeds, in the form of croquettes, which provide them with vitamins and minerals.

What are the advantages of dry food for the Hamster? Another advantage of dry food is that the hamster has a habit of storing the food for several days, which causes humidity in the house and can cause illness if the remains of fresh food are not removed before they decompose.

We advise you to add cereals, vegetables (well washed) and fruits (avoid acidic fruit such as citrus fruits), carrots, clover, dandelion, lettuce, dry bread to the base of dry food.

Seeds, such as marigolds, sunflowers, corn, walnuts and almonds, are very well accepted, but when they constitute a single diet they predispose to diseases, since they have a lot of fat and few nutrients and should be given as a reward, not as food.

In addition, it is advisable to also place preparations in the form of salt wheels for hamsters, hay and alfalfa in the hamster's cage. You can also find specific treats for them, which provide variety to the Hamster's diet and complement its diet.
The ideal hamster drinker is a bottle that hangs vertically downward from the outside of the cage: it is important that the
animals (which could break it) access only the metal tube from which they suck the water.

Remember that the Hamster, like any other animal, will always have to have fresh and clean water at its disposal.

All these tips are generic, although they can change depending on the situation of each Hamster.


Main ingredients

Cereals (oat flakes 7.2%, wheat flakes 3.2%), vegetable by-products, mineral substances, fruits 1%


preservatives and dyes

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Vitakraft Hamster Bars Fruit & Cereal Flakes

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