Vitakraft Natural Aromatic Vitaverde Hay 1kg

Vitakraft Natural Aromatic Vitaverde Hay 1kg

Vitakraft Natural Aromatic Vitaverde Hay 1kg


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Vitakraft Hay Vitaverde Aromatic Natural

Vitakraft Hay Vitaverde Natural the only hay from the Alpine meadows, from fresh and juicy pastures with tasty aromatic herbs

Ideal for your daily dose of fiber in your rodent's diet: aromatic hay. Hay contains a natural content of tasty herbs and regulates digestion and good for tooth abrasion. Also suitable as a filler shelter for rodents in the open.
? Ideal for all rodents
? Harvested with care
? Contains natural minerals and trace elements.

1kg bag

Basically the rabbit's diet should include:

  • HAY , always available. Hay is grass that is harvested while still green and then dried. Being green, the nutritional contribution is greater than that of straw, which is a set of grasses harvested when they are already dry. The rabbit needs hay for its digestion. The most suitable hay is cereal hay , which can be combined with alfalfa hay. They actually like alfalfa better, but as the only food source it could favor the formation of stones due to its high calcium content. We must always place it on the grid enough so that the animal has food until the next day.

  • CONSIDERATIONS WHEN BUYING HAY: Hay should smell fresh, never stale or stale, nor should it look grayish-black or powdery inside.

Forage is a fundamental part of the diet of rabbits, guinea pigs and small rodents. The contribution of herbs improves digestion and taste, so the animals accept it very willingly. All rodents have continuously growing teeth that need to be worn down to prevent damage to the palate, cheeks, and lips. The indigestible fiber in hay is ideal for this, as continuous chewing acts like a file. In addition, rabbits especially need a good amount of fiber in the diet to maintain regular intestinal transit, prevent impactions and severe secondary infections of the digestive tract.


Buen heno

He usado este heno varías veces y las veces que lo use me gusto, muy verde y a mí cobaya le encanta.

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Vitakraft Natural Aromatic Vitaverde Hay 1kg

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