Vitalis Discus Pellets

Vitalis Discus Pellets

Vitalis Discus Pellets

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Vitalis Discus Pellets

Vitalis Disco Pellets is a perfectly digestible, complete and balanced food in the form of soft granules for discus.

Created to meet the diverse nutritional needs of discus fish. This species has specific dietary requirements, in particular the presence of amino acids and proteins in it.

These substances are key to ensuring fish have proper growth and condition.

Natural pigments contained in food will strengthen the color and have a positive effect on health.

Vitalis foods are soft, easily digestible pellets that slowly sink to the bottom. In this way, you provide the fish with the possibility of feeding in a similar way to natural conditions.

What's in the food?

All Vitalis food is produced using the highest quality raw materials obtained from renewable sources. Our products are made from a wide range of dietary ingredients such as seaweed, algae, whole fish, squid, shrimp, clams and many more.

What do we have in our offer?

The Vitalis food range can be divided into 3 main types of products: Flake foods allow you to feed fish of different sizes in general aquariums. They can be easily crushed into smaller flakes and their size can be adjusted to the tank mould. They will also be suitable for fingerlings and small fish species.

Granulated foods are produced cold. In this way, we obtain soft, attractive granules for the fish that do not cause digestive problems for the fish. The size of the granules covers a wide range of sizes, from the smallest of 1 mm (XS) to 15 mm (L) used mainly by oceanariums and large exhibition aquaria.

Vitalis Grazer is a series of discs with a suction cup attached to the glass, specially designed for fish that feed constantly during the day.

How do our foods work in practice?

The idea of Vitalis products is to create stable foods that are easy to digest and therefore with high digestibility and bioavailability of ingredients. In this way, we provide a complete and balanced diet that covers the various needs of animals.

What does the use of Vitalis mean for your aquarium?

Thanks to our cold extrusion process, all Vitalis foods are highly biologically stable. This helps reduce the buildup of unnecessary ingredients in the aquarium water. The above advantages, combined with a high degree of food digestibility, have a positive effect on the stability of the entire aquarium system and the quality of the water.

What does Vitalis mean for your fish?

The excellent quality ingredients and their stability have an invaluable effect on:

Strengthening the vitality of fish.

its coloration

Supporting the immune system

reproductive successes


Main ingredients

Fish and fishery products, products of plant origin, molluscs and crustaceans, oils and fats, algae, minerals, vitamins.


Proteins 46.3% Fats 11.5 % Fibers 2 % Ashes 17.9 % Moisture 20.8 %

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Vitalis Discus Pellets

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