Wildcat Bhadra Horse Meat

Wildcat Bhadra Carne de Caballo
  • Wildcat Bhadra Carne de Caballo

Wildcat Bhadra Horse Meat


Wildcat Bhadra Horse Meat Wildcat Bhadra is a very healthy dry food. It is suitable for daily consumption at all ages. It contains 60% pure horse meat and features high...
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Wildcat Bhadra Horse Meat

Wildcat Bhadra is a very healthy dry food. It is suitable for daily consumption at all ages.

It contains 60% pure horse meat and features high quality feed from farms where horses are properly kept. Horse meat is one of the healthiest meats. It is almost cholesterol-free, very thin, has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, is rich in vitamins, contains several amino acids, has a high iron content, and is rich in minerals.

Taurine cannot be formed by cats, so it must be obtained from food. As early as 1987 it was found in a scientific study that a lack of taurine can lead to heart problems in cats.


Sweet potatoes that are strong, more nutritious vegetables counteract high Kotfestigkeit, which is generally favored by a high meat content.

It has a natural and delicious meat with a slightly sweet flavor, which is accompanied by a little pumpkin.


Bhadra is suitable for allergic cats.

No grain, no added sugar, no soy protein, and no artificial attractants, preservatives, or colorants.

Includes: MOS and FOS.

MOS and FOS have been explored in several scientific studies on their real effects. The following effects have been scientifically proven here:

MOS has the ability to bind to disease-causing bacteria and prevent their spread. These include, among other things, E. coli and Salmonella.

MOS supported in animals the development of the probiotic bacteria lactobacilli acidophilus genera that improve digestive function and improves the immune system. Furthermore, MOS reduces the concentration of bacteria.

FOS supports the development of health promoting lactobacilli and bifidobacteria in the intestine. They are the natural enemies of E. coli and keep the intestinal flora in balance. Similarly, the FOS reduces the strength of the odor Katzenkots. FOS also supports normal intestinal development. This is among other important things for the absorption of minerals.

FOS has a positive effect on calcium and mineral intake.

The combination of FOS and MOS improves local and systemic immune functions of your pet.

Of course we use in our Bhadra catfood neither wheat, corn or soybeans. Because grain is incompatible for many cats. Therefore, it is no coincidence that various cereals are now among the most common allergy triggers. We have also omitted the recent additions to come to talk about vitamin K3, garlic or cinnamon

Our new packing:

the Oxygene Silver Line package!

It is known that oxygen, light and moisture can oxidize not only food and feed, but also have a significant impact on vitamin and nutrient content.

For this reason, we have decided, after extensive research and testing, to only use a package that offers maximum protection against oxidation, while ensuring uniform nutritional value of the ingredients.

This protection offers us a high-tech product with a new technology of valves (which will realize the entire packaging of the coffee bean). With this technique, oxygen is removed from the container and prevents re-entry. Also, three layers of different materials to ensure that no light or moisture can affect the quality of the food. In this way, the food is even after prolonged storage just as fresh as when it is filled.

Format: 500gr and 3kg.


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Main ingredients

Horse meat (29.5%), dried horse meat (25.5), sweet potato (22%)

Complementary Ingredients


Pumpkin, horse fat (7%), minerals, chicken broth (1%)

Functional Ingredients


Fennel, parsnips, Jerusalem artichoke, catnip, spinach, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, elderberries, chokeberries, flaxseed, mannan oligosaccharides (prebiotics MOS 525 mg/kg), fruit oligosaccharides (prebiotics FOS 525 mg/kg), parsley, thyme, oregano, marjoram, sage, beet, nettle, hawthorn, ginseng, dandelion.


Vitamin A 31,500 KIU/KG Vitamin D3 1,999 IU/kg Vitamin E 202 IU/kg

 Copper 7.96mg /kg Iodine 1.58 mg/kg Zinc 159.86 mg/kg

Iron 88.97 mg/kg Taurine 3,025 mg/kg DL-Methionine 3,000 mg/kg


Proteins 32 % Fats 15.5% Fibers 2% Ashes 13.5 % Moisture 7 %

Opciones Nutricionales
Grain free
Ingredientes Principales
Dietas Específicas
Cachorro, Adulto, Senior +7años, Cualquier edad

El salvavidas de Mitsuki

Este pienso lo utilizo desde el 2014, es para Mitsuki, una gata muy alérgica, se le hico un estudio exhaustivo y solo puede tomar carne de caballo ya que es alérgica a las aves, al pescado, etc...
Dependo exclusivamente de este pienso para que viva, y estoy muy agradecido a Mascota Planet xq no siempre hay stock ya q es un pienso d consumo minoritario, pero siempre me facilitan q lo tenga lo antes q pueda.
Viene envasado al vacío es recomendable un sistema de buen cerrado desde que se abre, ya que se degrada rápido y dado el precio es mejor conservarlo adecuadamente.

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    on 09/07/2018
    Hola mi gatita es alergica y ya le doy del hill para alergicos pero no funciona... este me iria bien? Llebo unos meses dandole carne de potro con patata hervida y mejoro pero de repente comia y vomitaba ahora busco otro tipo de pienso Answer:
    Estimad@ cliente, Le recomendamos los siguientes piensos https://www.mascotaplanet.com/comprar-advance-sensitive-pato-arroz.html https://www.mascotaplanet.com/comprar-hills-feline-sensitive-stomach.html https://www.mascotaplanet.com/comprar-specific-digestive-support-feline.html Dpto. Ecommerce
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Wildcat Bhadra Horse Meat

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