Wolfsblut Wide Plain 100% Horse Meat Can 395g

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Wolfsblut Wide Plain 100% Horse Meat Can395Grs

Formulated with horse meat, Wolfsblut Wide Plain is made with fresh horse meat, sweet potatoes, wild plants and forest fruits.

It contains a mixture of horse meat and sweet potato that perfectly covers the needs of a feed with very low allergenicity. Indicated for dogs that develop intolerances to conventional meat-based feed.

With very high quality proteins, minerals and easily assimilated carbohydrates. The ingredients in Wolfsblut Wide Plain are perfectly optimized to treat allergies while reducing them to the minimum necessary. Some wild plants and fruits strengthen the immune system, which is activated in allergic reactions.

The sweet potato, widely accepted by humans with food allergies, is native to the Andes and is considered one of the oldest and most nutritious foods.

The fat in this feed is exclusively of animal origin, specifically horse fat, easy to assimilate by the canine metabolism.

Aronia is a very interesting ingredient due to the amount of phytochemicals it contains, especially antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and delay aging.

Without cereals. No Wolfsblut feed contains corn, wheat or soybeans since it is not part of the canine diet.

Probiotic substances from plants and fruits to improve the intestinal flora.

We have decided, after intensive studies, to use an animal fat (from horse) as a fat source, because we believe that only pure animal fat corresponds to the food of wolves or wild dogs in the wild.

The advantages of commonly used oils such as canola – sunflower – olive – or walnut oil are indisputable for human consumption, but they are not available in this concentrated form as a food source in nature.

395g cans

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Wolfsblut Wide Plain 100% Horse Meat Can 395g

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