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At you can find a wide range of canine food . The best brands in the market in feed and cans for dogs , for the specific maintenance of your dog, by age, size or breed. Healthy diets for your pet.

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In our store you can find more than 30 brands of feed for dogs of the best quality and at the best price , from the best brands on the international market , for all tastes: with meat, fish, grain-free, holistic feed, natural feed for dogs , etc?

These are some of the dog food brands you will find: Acana , Orijen , Taste Of The Wild , Royal Canin , Advance , Nutro , Hill?s , Fish4Dogs , Forza10 , Arion , Eukanuba , Proplan , Satisfaction and many more.

Choose the brand that best suits your dog and we will take it home in the most comfortable way for you.

At Mascota Planet we try to ensure that your pet has a balanced diet , this is essential for a long life for your pet. All veterinary studies show that good dog nutrition can determine the proper development and growth of your friend.

From our beginnings we try to advise dog and cat owners to make them understand that the digestion and nutrition process of our pets are different from ours. Sometimes we have the habit of feeding our dogs the same food that we prepare for ourselves and this is a big mistake . The nutritional needs of our dogs do not assimilate many of the nutrients that we do assimilate and others that can be very bad for them. The reason for years of research and experiences of the leading dog food brands is to create a balanced and specific formula for our pets.

That is why there is a dog food in the pet market for each specific need, such as for puppies, adults, seniors, small breed dogs, large breed dogs, etc...

All the commercial foods from specialized dog stores like we have at are designed to meet the nutritional and physiological needs of your animal to contribute to the good health of your pet during the different stages of its life.

Mascota Planet has the largest variety of dog food brands, the best quality, at the best price on the internet and in physical stores.