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Treats and snacks for dogs

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All good behavior will bring a reward. Reward your dog with the tastiest prizes, snacks and cookies that we offer you at

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To reward our dog for having behaved well or, simply, to give him a treat, you have at your disposal all kinds of snacks and treats for dogs . These snacks will delight our dog at any time of the day.

In our catalog we have a variety of snacks such as: meat crackers , lamb or beef sticks. In addition, you will find specific products for adult dogs or puppies and special snacks to whet the appetite of dogs that eat little or to satisfy that of very gluttonous dogs .

If you prefer, you can buy one of the varieties of cowhide bones or sticks for dental hygiene . And, if you want to give your dog something very natural, you can opt for meat treats, cow bones or beef nerves.

The best thing is that you will find everything from small snacks to reward a puppy's behavior, to giant snacks that will keep any dog happy and entertained for a long time .

At Mascota Planet we know that dental hygiene is very important for the well-being of dogs. In this sense, the Dental Snacks to chew become fun and tasty supplements that help our pets' health at the same time.

In our catalog we offer the best dental hygiene snacks for pets such as Dental Bone, which reduces the accumulation of tartar and dental plaque made with 100% digestible natural ingredients and for gingivitis and bad breath in small dogs, in Dental Snack you will also find Dental Care Stick, which contains an exclusive bacteriostatic active ingredient. Also noteworthy among Mascota Planet's Dental Snacks for dogs are the Alpha Spirit bars that eliminate food residues, reduce the formation of bacterial plaque and prevent the formation of tartar. Choose the dental bars that best suit your dog and help him take care of his mouth while having fun and savoring a delicious snack . Two advantages in one product!