Shop onpline for dog products and accessories

At Mascota Planet we love dogs and, therefore, we always want to give them the best. Since food comes first, in our catalog we offer you the widest variety of feed, cans, snacks and supplements that will help your dog to be healthy and strong.

We have a wide variety of items to transport your pet such as bags and carriers, or also to create your own space within our home. You can choose any type of beds and booths , which will make your best friend live like a real king.

Playtime is a very important aspect for our pet and for this we have an extensive stock of toys, so that our dog can exercise, learn or just have fun!

What else do you want to be always handsome ? has a wide " canine boutique " where you can choose the garment that best suits your pet, as well as the best accessories such as: bows, the most select perfumes or a beautiful necklace as a jewel.

To take care of its hygiene and keep it clean and well cared for, we have the best dog grooming products such as: professional line shampoos, combs, hair clippers and all kinds of antiparasites.

Pamper your dog and show him how important he is by making sure he lacks nothing! He will always know how to thank you .