Drinkers and feeders for small rodents

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In this section we can find all kinds of feeders and drinkers for our small rodents. A wide variety of models and manufacturers to choose the one that best suits our needs.

It is essential that our little rodent always have a drinker with fresh water at its disposal. Depending on the type of cage , the type of pet we have and the number of rodents that make up the family, we must choose its size and model. At Mascota Planet we have glass or plastic drinkers , and with different forms of fastening, wire or suction cups , for cages whether they are made of bars or plastic materials.

The choice of the feeder is also important, we must take into account that the materials with which they are made are of the highest quality, since our little friends can gnaw them. An option may beceramic feeders , there are corner, round, ergonomic and with different sizes and models, we are sure to find the one we are looking for.

In addition to the feeder and drinker, we can also find in Mascota Planet the appropriate utensils to make the hay we provide available to our pet.