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Dog food Eukanuba

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Eukanuba feed is a 100% complete nutrition rich in animal protein and balanced for dogs at all stages, of all breeds and sizes.

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In eukanuba dog food, the recipes are designed and adapted to all life stages and sizes of dogs, helping them to reach their maximum potential, transforming our puppy into a healthy and healthy adult dog, or helping our adult dog to be in perfect physical condition.

Thanks to its ingredients, they make possible a 100% balanced and complete nutrition, rich in very beneficial proteins for our pets at all stages of their lives.

All the ingredients with which Eukanuba feed is manufactured are selected with very high quality products with more than 120 quality controls, which means that your dog is receiving only the best every time,

All the ingredients of animal origin are derived from chicken, lamb, fish and eggs, ruling out proteins of vegetable or cereal origin as the main source of protein, to this is added that Eukanuba foods undergo rigorous quality tests in each phase of its production before being packed and sealed in a bag.