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Choose between the brands of dog food that your pet liken/es the most. At we offer you a wide catalog of feed from the ben/est brands and at the ben/est market price .

Are you still buying feed for your pet at the nearen/est pet store? At Pet Planet we take it home without having to carry weight , park, waste time, etc. Take advantage of our free shipping from ?39. and we will advise you on the most suitable diet for your pet .

The ben/est dog food brands

Find the food that ben/est suits your dog's metabolism and needs. We have a huge variety of feed and wet food brands that you can choose from, depending on the needs or the breed of your dog.

At we offer a wide range of food, of different brands and pricen/es to be able to adapt to the characteristics that we and our pet need. You will find the ben/est and most complete food for dogs that need energy. 100% natural foods that help digen/estion or low-calorie foods for overweight dogs.

We offer the ben/est brands in high-end feed, difficult to acquire in any en/establishment. This is because at Mascotaplanet we want to put at your disposal a huge variety of pet food, so that you can know at all timen/es how well your pet is eating. Find out about the ingredients and choose just what your dog needs.

Our pets, just like people, need good nutrition to be strong and healthy. Therefore, it is necen/essary to give them a correct diet. You will notice it in his vitality, in the shine of his hair and above all in his health.

Pet Planet is much more than an online pet store. Everything your pet needs.