Feeders and waterers for reptiles

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Also reptiles have their special feeders. We have the best brands with the best qualities and different sizes to be able to choose the most suitable one.

The feeders and drinkers for reptiles must be made of the best materials.

Depending on the type of reptile and the type of food you need, we will choose one or the other. Resin feeders are usually the most suitable for reptiles. Different sizes for each type of reptile.

If your diet is based on small insects such as crickets, there are special feeders for it, or if we have, for example, a spider, scorpion or if we breed crickets, we must choose a special feeder/drinker for your repti-gel . If the diet is based on live worms, feeders specially designed for this type of food are also available.

Let's not forget that our reptile also needs to drink water, and depending on its species, it can drink directly from a normal resin trough or it will need the water to flow in the form of a waterfall or drip . All these types of drinkers are available in this section.

If our reptile is a hunter and it is difficult for him to feed on a small inert insect, there are also feeders for them that make the insects vibrate so that they appear to be alive.