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How to choose the filter for my pond?

In our pond we can have a great variety of fauna and flora, this forms a very complex ecosystem with sometimes stagnant water that needs to be cared for and maintained. In these cases, a filtration system adapted to our needs is essential to guarantee and keep the water in our pond always ready.

As a basic, our filtration system must have a pump to feed the filter , a filter with the liter capacity of our pond for a biological-mechanical cleaning of the pond water and a UV lamp to combat germs and algae in suspension .

The filters that you can find in our store can be in several ways:

Pressure filters are perfect for small and medium sized ponds . These can be buried up to 2/3 of their size and, if necessary, feed a higher stream, as the pump pressure is maintained in the closed seepage chamber.

Bypass filters for medium and large ponds or in koi ponds . They are located above the water level, on the edge of the pond, or on a stream, from where the water flows without pressure, returning to the pond.

The underwater filter is perfect for small and decorative type ponds. It is suitable for prefabricated ponds with volumes of up to 5,000 liters and has an integrated water feature.

The fact that our pond filter contains a UVC clarifier fitted to the filter is important for all types of pond: UV light removes suspended algae, bacteria and germs and is therefore essential for the pond water to remain clear.