Fish accessories is your specialized aquarium store . We create your aquarium to measure, at the best price and with quality materials.

You will need an aquarium of greater or lesser capacity. We have cheap aquariums, filters, air pump , LED lights, decoration such as colored gravel , aquatic plant , etc.

You will also find a large assortment of food for all species of freshwater or saltwater aquarium fish , in all its varieties: flakes, flakes, pellets and for fingerlings... and from the best brands: Tetra , JBL , Sera, Tropical , New Era , Hobby .

Mascota Planet offers you a wide range of products for aquariums, among which are: Heaters , Filters and Pumps , Decoration , Medicines , etc...

Fish and aquatic animals need the right living conditions in your aquarium for their well-being. So that you can permanently enjoy healthy fish and beautiful plants, the use of high-quality accessories in the aquarium is essential.

An aquarium ecosystem consists of water quality, a healthy bottom landscape, temperature and light conditions, and many other factors. Among the basic elements of the aquarium, therefore, it has filters, pumps, aquarium lighting and heaters.

To preserve these, good care is essential. Equip yourself with high quality accessories for the care and maintenance of the aquarium. Design your own underwater world with beautiful decoration making both you and your fish feel comfortable.