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We offer you all kinds of food for cats , both adults and puppies at the best price. Our cat's diet is a very important factor, which is why at Mascota Planet we have chosen the best selection of brands of both feed and wet food at the service of our customers.

You can find any specific food your cat needs on our website.

In our store you will find different varieties of feed for cats depending on their needs, such as: age, breed, lifestyle. You can also find specific feed for cats with nutritional needs , such as sterilized cats, cats with kidney problems, diabetes, gastro-intestinal problems or skin and hair problems, etc...

If, for example, your cat is only a few months old, it will need a different feed than an adult cat. You can also find feed and cans for sterilized cats, for cats with diabetes and, in short, for cats with any dietary need.

PetaPlanet covers all the nutritional needs that your cat needs. Buy online in our store in an easy, comfortable and economical way. Take a look at our catalog and ask for the one that interests you the most. Your cat will appreciate having an adequate diet and you will notice it in its hair and its strength .