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Your dog won't stop scratching and it's not flea season yet , you should think about changing his diet. The culprit could be the food you give your dog. Allergies are on the rise in dogs, with food allergies being the third most common cause according to veterinary studies. At we recommend a simple diet change that can relieve your dog's itchy skin and Natural Greatness may be the most suitable food for your pet .

At we know that the worst component in dog food and the culprits of allergies are grains. Widely used filler ingredients like corn, wheat, and soy often trigger severe allergies in dogs. Other common animal protein allergens such as chicken. Dogs occasionally develop an allergy to dairy and gluten , although these allergies are rarer than with more common proteins. Check your dog's food labels for the presence of any of these common allergy-causing ingredients. If the food contains a common allergen, it's time to look for a new food.

The importance of a new protein

An important step in finding a new diet for your dog. How to choose a new protein? The goal is to find a protein that your dog has never eaten to reduce the chance of antibodies to the protein in your dog's body . Good sources of include horse, kangaroo, venison, bison or buffalo, rabbit or duck meat. If your dog has never eaten lamb before , this can be a good protein option. Be sure to read food labels carefully, as not all ingredients are listed prominently. For example, a "bison" or "duck" meal may also contain chicken meal , in this case we should not buy this product because we will not be avoiding the possible protein culprit of the allergy.

Limit your dog's diet to rule out allergies

The hardest part of determining a hypoallergenic diet is figuring out which ingredients are causing the allergic reaction. If a food has 20 or more ingredients, it will be almost impossible to identify the allergen. In our store you will find feed with different and new proteins that your dog has never tried and this will be a quick remedy for his allergy.