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Optima Nova feed for dogs of the highest quality at Mascota Planet

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OptimaNova A new concept of natural food for pets.
Optima Nova feed manufactured by the Spanish company Vis?n that has been making pet food for several decades. Vis?n currently manufactures hundreds of renowned brands for other companies throughout Europe, it has a production plant with the highest technology in Europe, with the most advanced development for the production of pet food.

Its most direct commitment is to manufacture its own top quality feed such as Optima Nova, all its suppliers are approved by the European economic community and only use top quality ingredients.

Optima Nova contains fresh fish from the Atlantic Ocean and the Cantabrian Sea.

The processed meats for the manufacture of the feed are fresh and come from selected farms among the best Spanish farms. All the fresh fish and meat used by our company comes from companies that supply food for human consumption.

The flavors of I think Otima Nova are very appetizing to the palate of the dog or the most gourmet cats . Naturally, we develop our own 100% natural appetizers by hydrolyzing fresh meats. This means that our products have a unique flavor and appetite and are perfectly recognizable by a pet.

OptimaNova food is very digestible because it is only low in cereals, where we can only find one of these two sources of carbohydrate, Rice or potato.


The potato is the most digestible source of carbohydrates as an alternative to cereals. It facilitates the function of the pancreas in digestion, considerably improves palatability and has a high energy value .

It facilitates the function of the pancreas in digestion, considerably improves palatability and has a high energy value. Like rice, it is suitable for symptoms similar to those of gastroenteritis.


Rice is the most digestible cereal and provides maximum absorption carbohydrates; These are the energy source that a pet will first use and therefore their inclusion is vital especially in active pets. It is an ingredient of excellent digestibility and highly assimilable.

Rich in Minerals: Calcium, Phosphorus and Iron. Rich in Vitamins: Niacin, thiamin, riboflavin and vitamin D, favor the skin, eyesight and hair.

?HELPS DIGESTION AND REGULARIZES INTESTINAL MOVEMENT.? Its excellent digestibility makes it suitable for recovering the intestinal mucosa after gastroenteritis (astringent effect).

NATURAL ANTIOXIDANTS All the products that make up the Optimanova range contain high levels of natural antioxidants (tocopherols; vitamins A, E and C) with a protective action against the harmful effect of free radicals.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS Optimanova is made with 100% natural ingredients. No colorants, flavorings, or artificial antioxidants have been used in its preparation.