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Primordial is a line of food that rediscovers and respects the oldest and most natural feeding instinct of dogs and cats.

As carnivorous animals, as evidenced by chewing (teeth and jaw) and a small intestinal tract, dogs prefer a diet rich in meat (protein) and low in grains (carbohydrates).

The Primordial Grain Free lines, thanks to the absence of cereals and with 70% of selected meat, maintain a low glycemic index, with 35% of fresh meat, guarantee a high index of palatability and digestibility, steam preparation preserves the integrity of proteins, making them more assimilable.
A line of dog food that respects the oldest and most natural instinct of canids.

The wide range of meat and fish are selected according to their biological value and the nutritional properties they contain, they are also selected based on the place of origin.

We only choose meat that comes from farms that respect ethical standards and do not abuse animals.