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Wolfsblut feed for allergic and delicate dogs in Pet Planet

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Wolfsblut food for healthy dogs and the quality of its raw materials guarantee an ideal food for dogs with allergic problems. From MascotaPlanet we recommend Wolfsblut feed because they have unique recipes that will delight your pet, with such exquisite flavors as salmon, lamb, kangaroo, bison, buffalo, horse, herring, all of them adapted to the different stages of growth of your animal and that offers a lot of peace of mind.

Wolfsblut is a feed with a guarantee of quality and well-being for your dogs

Meat and fish are the most important components of the diet of wolves in freedom, this was the objective of the main study for its manufacture. Although dogs have been domesticated for centuries, the dog's digestive system has not changed. It has the same DNA as the wolf and could hunt the wild elk, deer, beavers, rabbits, rodents and birds. Therefore, it does not affect the high protein content. But if it can affect the large number of carbohydrates such as corn, wheat, soy negative impact on the health of dogs.

Wolfsblut does not contain: It is free of sugar, soy, unrefined grains, artificial odor, artificial color or flavor enhancers and artificial preservatives.

Wolfsblut only contains what is healthy from nature as an ingredient, that is its motto.

What benefits does Wolfsblut feed provide for your dog:

- Products from mother nature such as berries, fresh herbs, wolfsblut's specially patented nature's anti-aging formula, taurine.

- We use MOS (Mannanoligosaccharides) and FOS a (Fructooliosaccharide), which contribute to the development of microflora in the intestine, as well as restrict the appearance of pathogens. A healthy intestinal flora is an important component to ensure protective immunity in allergic dogs.

-To optimize digestion and strengthen the immune system, we recommend our two products Wolfsblut ImmuTop and Wolfsblut ImmuSan.

- The skin and healthy, shiny coat of your dog. Due to the balanced and high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids.

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