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Giant Breed Dogs

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The Royal Canin GIANT range provides an exclusive nutritional response to the needs of giant dogs, taking into account not only their size (+45 kg adult weight), age, activity and physical condition.

Royal Canin's Giant range provides an exclusive nutritional response to the needs of medium-sized dogs, taking into account not only their size (+45kg adult weight), age, activity and physical condition, but also the specific sensitivities of each dog. dog.

Royal Canin knows very well the nutritional needs of your dog, Royal Canin Giant has a wide range of feed to meet the different stages of your dog's life. So you can make an individual selection for your dog and provide him with a suitable food.

Royal Canin Giant belongs to the wide variety of dry dog food. As with all other Royal Canin Giant products this is a high quality product. A diet to ensure that your dog will always eat healthily. Healthy eating is an important factor for your dog's well-being, another is movement and physical activity.

Intense skeletal growth: Helps support a high rate of growth: ensures bone consolidation and helps protect joints.

Optimal balance (Calcium / phosphorus): Contributes to the good mineralization of the bones in the giant breed puppy thanks to an optimal supply of calcium and phosphorus.

Maintenance of the ideal weight: Helps to control the ideal weight of the active puppy thanks to the high energy intake.

Giant & dental kibble: An adapted kibble that stimulates chewing and slows down the speed of eating. Therefore it helps to limit the risk of aerophagia and digestive problems in giant breed dogs. Helps oral hygiene.

Anti-aging complex: Helps reduce the effects of aging thanks to a reduced content of phosphorus to preserve kidney function, a high concentration of vitamin E (500 mg/kg), C (200 mg/kg) and selenium for cell protection.

Cardiac Tonicity: Promotes the proper functioning of the heart thanks to the incorporation of taurine, which stimulates cardiac contraction.

Joint capital protection: Protects the joints and maintains optimal hydration of the cartilage thanks to a high contribution of chondroitin and glucosamine and EPA-DHA with anti-inflammatory properties.