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In our section of harness and collars for ferrets, you can find all kinds of collars, harnesses and leashes suitable for your ferret.

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Our ferret is recommended to use a collar or harness for several reasons. In the first place, at home to be easily identified if it were to hide, since most of the harnesses and collars for ferrets are provided with a bell , whose sound will help us to know at all times through the movement of our pet, where it is. find our little friend.

We could also use cat collars or harnesses .

If we go out into the street, it is also necessary to wear the harness, in addition to not escaping, so that if it did, the people who could run into it, can know that it is a pet and that it belongs to someone.

It is up to us to choose whether we want it to be a collar or a harness, but we must bear in mind that they must be made of a light material so that it does not bother or cause harm to our ferret.