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Hay is a mixture of natural wild plants that is used to complete the diet of rabbits , guinea pigs and small rodents in general. It is composed of a selection of natural herbs with all their freshness or aroma, without artificial additions, it is only dehydrated in the sun to pack it.

Among the best known herbs that are used for hay is usually: Hay with Chamomile and Dandelion, Hay with Mint and Rosehip, Hay with Nettles and Calendula, Hay with Rosehip and Dandelion petals,... Each plant has a benefit for its mascona .

Hay is a completely natural material that fulfills various functions. On the one hand, it helps maintain good intestinal transit and is excellent for making beds and nests . In addition, it has a very low calorie content, so it keeps the animals in shape.

One more point in favor of hay for rodents is that by chewing the hay your rodents are cleaning their teeth and wearing them down, saving us expensive visits to the vet.

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