Heating and heaters for reptile terrariums

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In our reptile section, Mascotaplanet has different types of heating for our reptile, so that we can choose depending on the type of reptile we have and the terrarium in which it lives.

The heating for our reptile can be available in different formats, we must find the one that best suits our pet and our available space.

There are cables that heat, which coiled in some natural trunk, can supply heat, the cables can be of different power and length.

Rocks that provide heat are another option to maintain our reptile's body temperature.

We can also find the heat for our reptile in the thermal blanket type heaters that are placed below the substrate of our reptile's terrarium.

We must always control the heat emitted by this type of article, which, although as a general rule does not exceed a significant level of temperature, in the event of a malfunction could cause damage to our reptile, which is why we must always choose the most appropriate depending on the type of reptile it is.

If we use a thermometer, whether digital or analog, it will help us better maintain the right temperature for our reptile.

We can also heat the terrarium using light bulbs that emit heat.