Hygiene and health for reptiles

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A wide range of specialized products for the care and health of our reptiles, such as vitamins, calcium, disinfectants, etc., can be found in this section of the reptiles section of Mascotaplanet.com

In addition to a correct diet , adequate lighting , maintaining heat inside the terrarium and the correct decoration of the terrarium of our reptile, we must take into account the extra contribution of vitamins and products that provide calcium to our reptile.

We must take into account the time of year, the stage of our reptile as well as its general state of health and do not forget to supplement its diet.

Products that help the shedding of the skin, the assimilation of calcium and vitamin D3, essential for our reptile. Eye cleaning, water conditioners, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, etc.

If we manage to control all these aspects, we will be able to offer you a totally healthy life that is as similar as possible to its original natural environment.