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Dog food Satisfaction

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The SATISFACTION line of dog food offered by MascotaPlanet, is developed and designed for its composition rich in nutrients, proteins and vitamins, being the most suitable for feeding puppies throughout their growth stage and for the maintenance of adult dogs. in a perfect state of health throughout all the years of his life

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At MascotaPlanet we offer you advice on dog nutrition, behavior and health.

In short, we offer you a large amount of information that will be useful for you and your dog.

There are ailments to which some breeds are more exposed than others. Smaller breeds have more oral and dental problems, and large ones have more joint problems. Through food you can help prevent certain specific needs of some breeds, incorporating the necessary nutrients for it. For this reason, Biology and Nutrition has created the following specialties for the Satisfaction range.

SATISFACTION SENIOR is a perfect food to maintain the health of dogs of any breed over 7 years of age.

SATISFACTION LIGHT is the ideal food for dogs with overweight problems.

SATISFACTION PERFORMANCE is especially indicated for adult dogs that perform intense exercise, such as working dogs, hunting dogs, sled dogs or show dogs, and for dogs subjected to prolonged stress (lactating females).

SATISFACTION LAMB & RICE is specially formulated for dogs with high food sensitivity, with intolerance to certain foods (corn, chicken, yeast, egg), which generates different types of allergies.